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GESP Technology

15+Years Devoted to PCB Solutions & Manufacturing

Our ongoing goal is to help every client to go to the market as quickly as possible and occupy
more competitive advantages through our supply services. How to quickly supply zero-defect PCBs
while meeting the demanding needs of customers to help customers achieve sustainable production?

Supply Chain Quality Control

We are not a factory, but your cooperation with us is equivalent to working with dozens or even dozens of factories at the same time. These factories are long-term partners that have been carefully screened and deposited to meet customers' various production needs.

GESP Technology insists on conducting sustainable production audits of partner factories every year and has maintained close contact with them to develop a sustainable business. With our durable purchasing power and profession PCB expertise, we will quickly find the best supplier for our customers' products from the supplier system. >About GESP Quality Control System

24 Hours Online Service

For international trade, quickly grasping the market is to respond quickly and accurately is very important. GESPCB.COM equipped with 24-hour online service, that make our sales engineer can quickly respond to your information as soon as 2 hours.

Normally you could get a quote within 24 hours. If any deviations appear in the production process, we will promptly inform you and assist you in taking appropriate resolution measures. >Learn more

Free DFM

With 15 technical engineers, all your orders will get free engineering document review service from our trained professional technicians before you pay. Moreover, give a production plan.

For expedited customers, we will also customize emergency plans to ensure PCB quality and ensure timely delivery. >More About GESP Service


PCBs from GESP Technology can provide RoHS EU standards, UL certification, and comply with ISO9001-2008, ISO14001: 2004, IATF16949, etc. >How to obtain qualification certification and product test reports?

Flexible Logistics System

GESP has signed cooperation agreements with more than ten logistics companies such as DHL, SF, EMS, etc. We are reaching more than 70 countries and regions. Under exceptional circumstances, the fastest delivery could within 24 hours. Our maintains online communication with logistics companies, tracking the status of cargo transportation in real-time through the single number, timely pushing the location of the goods by mail, the estimated arrival time, and whether the customs clearance completed. >Know more

One-stop PCB Supply Service

Once we cooperate for PCB Clone or PCB Assembly Service, the only thing that needs to provide was a sample model, tell us the needed functionality, and production volume.

After payment, We will turn the sample into working prototypes quickly and efficiently. We will ensure a seamless transition from prototype to production volumes, with the same team working on the project throughout.>Touch us right now

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It is easy to enquire with GESP Tech. Call +86-0411-8853-5976 or email, the sales engineer best-suited to the nature of enquiry will be in 24 hours.