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Affordable Prototype PCB Manufacturer in China

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Prototype PCB

Quick Turn Prototype PCB with Low Cost

Turn time 1-8
Turn time 3~9days
Quantity 5~100pcs
Materials Fr4
Finished Copper 0.5~4oz
Trace/Spacing 0.004"
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Standard PCB

Full Feature Fr4 PCB Fabrication

Turn time 1~12
Turn time 2days~5weeks
Quantity 1~1million pcs
Materials Fr4
Finished Copper 0.5~4oz
Trace/Spacing 0.004"
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Advanced PCB

Accurate Manufacturing Escorts Outstanding Application Status

Turn time 1~32
Turn time 2~4weeks
Quantity 1~1million pcs
Materials Fr4
Finished Copper Fr4,High TG FR-4,PTFE, Aluminum Base,Rogers
Trace/Spacing 0.003"
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Design Make Concept to Be Reality
PCB Design
PCB Layout
Reverse Engineering
UP To 20% OFF
One ‑Stop Service of PCB & Assembly
15 SMT Lines
Free Stencil
48h Quick Delivery
Full Electric Test

GESP Technology

GESP Tech was one of the leading manufacturers of printed circuit boards. GESP Tech has built its success on the North America, Australia, Europe market, coupled with over 20 years of PCB engineering and manufacturing experience. We are well-placed to provide a total PCB supply solution, PCB Assembly and PCB Design. We pride ourselves in being able to satisfy PCB requirements and working with you that fully understand your business and the demands you face. Many of our customers state that time to market is one of their core business drivers. GESP Tech offers customers the ability to do just that – giving them a tangible advantage in a highly competitive market.

In summary, GESP Tech should be your supplier of choice. To Make It Easy, To Achieve Sustainable Business.


Shared Projects with Ultimate Skills

learn more our capability in all industries

  • Rally Car Boards

    April 15, 2019    

    Function: It’s used for safety, tracking & timing mainly in Rally Car and Ski Boat racing.We provide from PCB Design Layout, Prototyping. After constant modification and testing, small and middle run production is in progress now.

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  • Audio Interface

    August 7, 2019

    Function: For recording microphones and instruments.We provide PCB Reverse Engineering, Components replacement, Prototype, Testing, Product improvement, Customer confirmation, Mass production.

    Read more
  • Power Board

    October 18, 2017

    Function: For powering industrial electrostatic dust collector.We provide PCB Design from idea to product, Design proposal, Hardware construction, components selection, Single-chip confirmation, IC programming, Create schematic, Layout, Prototype, Testing, Customer confirmation, Mass production.

    Read more
  • Car Control Board

    May 13, 2016

    Function: Mainly used for controlling interior equipment such as car windows, air conditioners, and radio. We provide from design, PCB mass production to PCBA assembly, it has become one of the main suppliers of automobile manufacturers such as Hyundai, Nissan, and Lynk&Co.

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As a PCB board supplier serves top global automation equipment manufacturers, the quality of GESP’ products exceeds competitors by 87.34%.

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Helping you reduce the project cost is our job. Moreover, the full service and technical solutions support to operate and maintain your electrical system better.

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