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Shipping Methods and Delivery Time

GESP Technology ships PCBs from China to most countries in the world. We currently provide the below shipping options.

The delivery time given so far is only an approximation based on statistical analysis. In special cases, it may be extended. We cannot guarantee on-time delivery, but we will try our best to ensure the on-time delivery date of our order.

Most international shipments will incur additional charges in the form of tariffs and taxes. These costs are your responsibility and are related to the country you import. These allegations, other than freight, cannot be estimated or calculated by GESP Technology. Please contact us for more information.

For air shipping, when your package arrives at the local customs, customs clearance may take 5-7 business days without any updated tracking information.

If you have your own freight forwarding company, or you want to develop other courier service companies, you can also contact us, we will give you a comprehensive evaluation of the most satisfactory solution.

If you do not receive your package within 20 working days, please contact your post office and notify us at We will closely track the package and help you resolve this issue.


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