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PCB Layout Experience Sharing Helps You Improve Work Efficiency
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Once upon a time, PCB designers were draftsman. The measure of their craft was twofold—the quality of lines and speed of completion. But designs have changed, and so have designers. They’ve adapted to increasingly complex designs. And their tools have evolved, too.

The best PCB designers call upon years of experience to produce something that has never been done before. No longer is productivity the sole measure of their craft. Now, they’re solving problems. And for those complex problems, the payoff makes it worth investing in better designers.

Engineering Insights While Designing

Board design is the final realization of all the theory that comes before. Pulling electrical, mechanical, and manufacturing analysis into the design tool frees the designer to find creative and innovative solutions to complex product design challenges.

Make Informed Engineering Decisions Based on Live In-Design Feedback

Timing is everything. Information too early is a distraction, and information too late is a curse. Designers need to keep an eye out for mechanical, physical, and manufacturing issues before they become problems. Real-time visual feedback helps designers see what is otherwise invisible, so they can make informed decisions and meet PCB design guidelines.

See Through High-Speed Signal Challenges

You’re not going to overcome new product design challenges by following the old rules. Advanced signal integrity simulation and analysis defines new timing and length rules unique to specific designs. Design rule-based visual cues on the canvas guide your team’s expert engineers through the latest routing techniques and strategies to make it easy to conquer high-speed signal challenges and dense boards.

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