PCB panel creation is a valuable manufacturing technique. That can help increase efficiency, reduce costs. and improve consistency and quality. Also helps streamline the assembly and testing processes. The PCB is a small circuit board that is directly assembled by the PCB manufacturer. And that into a whole block for processing and shipping. The PCB designed and used as a component on the S-board. For example, if the size is too small or too large, the assembly line can not to fix the circuit board fixture. Some PCB boards are too small to meet the requirements of doing fixtures. So they need to put together for production. Improve the efficiency of SMT placement soldering. Only need to go through multiple PCB‘s once for soldering.


GESP panel creation

Making a PCB panel, which involves combining multiple PCB designs onto a single panel . offers several benefits for production.PCB panel is a consideration for both PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly cause some irregular boards . The panel can reduce the time and labor for production and testing.


PCB panel creation increases production efficiency. as it enables multiple PCB designs to produced in a single manufacturing cycle. rather than producing each PCB separately. This can reduce the manufacturing time, lower costs. and increase productivity.

Better utilization of resources:

By grouping multiple PCB designs on a single panel. It is more easier to use resources like copper. solder mask, and stencil more efficiently. leading to less waste and more cost savings.

Ease of assembly:

Panel creation allows for easier handling and assembly of PCBs. That can serve as a fixture . Holds multiple PCBs in place during the assembly process. reducing the chance of errors and speeding up the assembly process.


Panel creation helps ensure consistency between PCBs that produced simultaneously. Since all PCBs on the panel are manufactured using the same processes and materials. they are likely to be more consistent in terms of quality and performance.


PCB panel creation can make it easier to test multiple PCBs . simultaneously, as they are all on a single panel. This can help to identify and address any issues with the designs more efficiently.


PCB panel creation improves cost utilisation. Some PCB boards are shaped. splicing can be more efficient use of PCB board area. reduce waste and improve the utilization rate of costs. The purpose of PCB panel creation processing is mainly twofold. the first is to improve the efficiency of the placement. the second is to improve the utilization rate of the PCB board.


panel creation V-CUT

V-CUT is a slot drawn in the joint of two boards. as long as the two boards are put together, leaving a gap between them (generally 0.4mm). but the connection of the boards in this place is easy to break. so you need to merge the edges of the two boards together when panel creation. v-cut is generally straight, there will not curved arcs and other complex alignment. when panel creation as much as possible in a straight line

2.Stamp Holes

stamp hole

Stamp holes For irregular PCB boards, such as round ones, V-CUT cannot be done. this time it is necessary to use stamp holes to connect the boards together. so stamp holes are generally more in-shaped boards. At the edge of the two boards connected by a small piece of plate. and this small piece of plate connected to the two boards with many small holes, which makes it easy to break. When broken the edge of the board resembles the edge of a stamp, hence the name of this type of piecing.

3.Panel with Tab Route 

Panel with Tab Route used more often in panels with half-hole technology. Using very narrow panels for jointing, somewhat similar to stamp holes. with the difference that the panel with tab route is narrower – there is no over-hole. the panel with tab route has one disadvantage: when the board is broken open, there is a very visible bump. Some people may think that it would be better to use stamp holes instead of hollow joints. This is because when making a module with half holes all around. neither the stamp holes nor the V-CUT will allow the hollow strips to connected at the four corners of the module. 

Many electronic products have irregularly shaped circuit board designs. such as L-shaped PCB boards or round PCB boards. if you do two in one will be wasted, do four in one can improve the PC rate and reduce the PCB board waste. PCB assembly principle is to facilitate production. as far as possible to keep the board square shape after assembly.

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