To produce your printed circuit board correctly. it must have a label in the top and bottom copper layers. and for multiple layers there are additional labels in the inner layers. Thus, we recommend using TOP and BOT uniform markings to indicate the top and bottom layers.

Please note: Missing or incorrect labels are the most common cause of problems. as many layout programs allow mirrored data output! Therefore, always mark the TOP and BOT of your board in the copper foil! Correctly marking the TOP and BOT in the copper of the board. provides information about the layer definition and the layer orientation!

Layer Definition= Unique label for top and bottom layers.

Layer Orientation = Tagging to avoid mirroring layers.

Problems Of Layer Orientation

Even if your data uniquely defines which layer is the top or bottom layer. it is impossible to determine the layer orientation without an inscription on the copper foil. as almost every CAD program allows mirror image output of the data. (this is also true for single-sided circuits) boards).

Layer orientation

Correct Layer Orientation

GESP Layer orientation

In your layout program, the labels should appear in the copper foil as shown in the diagram. From the top, the word “TOP” should be clear and the bottom label “BOT” should be mirrored.

Important: Do not mirror the data output!

The BOT will be clearly visible when the board has completed.

Layer Definition for Multilayers

For multilayers, we recommend using continuous labels for the layers. as shown in the figure. Again,It is essential that the labels of the bottom layer mirrored when viewed from above.

The headings “Layer 1” through “Layer 4” displayed only for clarity.

Layer orientation

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