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The Advantages and Applications of Metal Core PCBs (MCPCBs)


As a PCB manufacturer, we notice that the demand for metal-core PCBs is increasing. MCPCBs are more expensive than traditional FR-4 circuit boards. Despite the high cost of metal core circuit boards, many customers still prefer them.. Let’s look at today’s article to learn about the advantages of metal-core PCBs. Let‘s go

What is the MCPCB?

MCPCBs, as the name implies, consist of metal rather than FR4 materials. Dielectric insulation is at the heart of metal PCBs. MCPCBs engineered to have significantly higher thermal conductivity than FR-4 PCBs. MCPCBs transfer heat 8 to 9 times faster than FR4 boards. resulting in more efficient heat dissipation. The insulation layer’s reduced thickness (standard size 100 μm). and high thermal conductivity enable efficient heat transfer. The thermal conductivity of the dielectric layer is typically 2 W/mK, which is significantly higher than the thermal conductivity of FR-4. The best results obtained by maintaining the dielectric layer as thin as possible.

Decoding the Advanced Structure of Metal Core PCBs

basic layer of metal core PCB

The first figure shows the structure of a classic metallic printed circuit board. The upper layer made up of a thin copper film that will be etched with traces.That similar to those found on a traditional PCB. This layer’s thickness is typically between 1 and 4 ounces, but it can be larger. The innermost layer represented by a dielectric material. which serves to electrically isolate the metal layer from the copper film. while allowing rapid heat transfer between the two layers. Finally, there is the metal layer, which is typically made of aluminum and measures. between 1mm and 3.2mm thick (1.6mm on average).

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Choosing the Right Metal Core PCB (MCPCB) Type

There are three types of metal substrates: aluminum, copper, and iron. Iron substrate is rarely used in the market; therefore, the focus of this analysis is on aluminum and copper substrates.

Aluminum Core PCB

Aluminum substrate is a distinctive metal-based copper-clad plate. that has excellent thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, and mechanical processing properties. The aluminum substrate is currently the most widely utilized metal substrate substrate. It has ten times the thermal conductivity of epoxy resin substrate. Aluminum substrates divided into flexible aluminum substrates, and mixed aluminum substrates. multilayer aluminum substrates, and through-hole aluminum substrates.

Aluminum Core PCBs (MCPCB)GESPCB

Copper Core PCB

Copper substrate is the most expensive type of metal substrate. with thermal conductivity many times better than aluminum and iron substrates. The circuit layer requires a large current-carrying capacity. so the thickness of the copper foil should be 35 μm ~ 280 μm. Copper substrate divided into immersed copper substrate. silver-plated copper substrate, tin-spraying copper substrate, and oxidation-resistant copper substrate.

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Advantages of MCPCB

1. Superior Heat Dissipation:

Application Scenario: MCPCBs, or metal core printed circuit boards. excel in applications requiring high power density. and efficient heat dissipation, such as LED lighting and power modules.

Example: In LED lighting, MCPCBs effectively conduct and disperse heat generated by LED chips. ensuring prolonged LED lifespan and enhanced performance.

2. Enhanced Mechanical Strength:

Application Scenario: Industries demanding robust mechanical strength and impact resistance. like industrial control equipment, automotive electronics, and aerospace applications.

Example: In automotive electronics, MCPCBs resist vibrations and shocks. ensuring the reliability of onboard electronic devices. In aerospace, these boards withstand challenging mechanical environments. ensuring stable operation of electronic equipment under extreme conditions.

3. Improved Electromagnetic Shielding:

Application Scenario: MCPCBs find favor in electronic devices sensitive. to electromagnetic interference (EMI). such as communication equipment and radar systems.

Example: In communication devices, MCPCBs provide excellent electromagnetic shielding. reducing interference with surrounding electronic equipment and ensuring the stability of communication systems.

Compared to standard FR4 PCBs, MCPCBs exhibit notable differences in heat dissipation. mechanical strength, and electromagnetic shielding. The metal substrate of MCPCBs enables efficient heat conduction. elevating their heat dissipation capabilities. Their higher mechanical strength makes them suitable for challenging environments. and superior electromagnetic shielding minimizes interference. making MCPCBs particularly advantageous in specific applications.

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MCPCB Application Guidance: Elevating Electronics Performance

Metal Core PCBs (MCPCBs) offer unparalleled advantages in various applications. showcasing their versatility and reliability. Here’s a detailed exploration of MCPCB application guidance across key industries:

LED Lighting Solutions:

  • Guidance: MCPCBs excel in LED lighting applications. due to their superior heat dissipation capabilities. The efficient transfer of heat ensures a prolonged LED lifespan and optimal performance.
  • Example: Illuminate your spaces with confidence by integrating MCPCBs in residential, commercial. and industrial LED lighting systems.

Automotive Electronics:

  • Guidance: The robust construction and enhanced mechanical strength of MCPCBs. That make them ideal for automotive electronic systems. They withstand vibrations and shocks, ensuring the longevity and reliability of onboard components.
  • Example: Drive innovation in automotive technology with MCPCBs. enhancing the performance and durability of electronic systems in vehicles.

Power Electronics and Modules:

  • Guidance: MCPCBs are a preferred choice for power systems. and modules where efficient heat dissipation is crucial. Their high thermal conductivity ensures optimal performance in high-power applications.
  • Example: Empower your power electronics with MCPCBs. ensuring stability and reliability in applications such as converters and power modules.

Communication Devices:

  • Guidance: MCPCBs contribute to effective electromagnetic shielding, reducing interference in communication devices. This makes them ideal for applications where minimizing electromagnetic interference is critical.
  • Example: Enhance the communication capabilities of your devices by incorporating MCPCBs. ensuring reliable and interference-free performance.
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MCPCBs provide tailored solutions for industries demanding efficient heat dissipation. mechanical resilience, and electromagnetic shielding. Whether in LED lighting, automotive electronics, power systems, or communication devices. GESP TECHNOLOGY: MCPCBs are the key to optimizing performance and ensuring the longevity of electronic components. Choose MCPCBs for your applications and experience a new level of reliability and efficiency.

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