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Fast Turn PCB: Rapid Prototyping and Efficient Manufacturing


As a PCB manufacturer, we are aware that the PCB manufacturing process seems long. Such as PCB prototyping, which takes 7 days. A large volume PCB would need more time. Fast-turn PCB has grown in popularity due to the market’s quick growth. Let’s explore what fast turn PCBs are and the differences between fast-turn PCBs and standard PCBs

FR4 Board

What is the Fast Turn PCB?

In PCB manufacturing, from design, prototyping, testing, and then mass production. the implementation and connection of each step take time. For fast-turn custom PCB, we well know the importance of time and production speed to our customers. Therefore, without compromising quality, take GESP’s quick-turn PCB, for example. Choose experienced designers using CAD or other software to compress the design time. Then advanced testing equipment replaces slow manual testing. As well as the automated production line to improve production capacity and time. all for the rapid turn PCB to create a service space.

What is Fast Turn PCB prototyping?

Fast turn PCB prototyping is a rapid turnaround prototyping service. that reduces normal PCB prototyping time from weeks to hours or within 1-2 days. This speed of production improves PCB prototyping completion time. and fast-tracks the design and test phases of PCB development.

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How to Decide Need a Fast Turn PCB Board?

Quick turn PCBs, also known as quick-turn PCBs. used for short deadlines or an urgent necessity in a design or manufacturing process. some circumstances that may require quick turn PCBs include:

fast turn custom pcb GESP rapid turn pcb prototyping

Prototype Development:

When creating a new product or prototype. designers often need quick-turn PCBs to test their designs and iterate rapidly.

Emergency Replacement:

In cases where a PCB in an existing product fails or malfunctions unexpectedly. a quick turnaround is necessary to minimize downtime.

Market Competition:

In a competitive business, need to accelerate their product development cycles. to stay ahead of competitors, necessitating quick-turn PCB fabrication.

Rapid Design Changes:

Sometimes, design changes are required midway through a project. due to unforeseen circumstances or customer feedback. Fast-turn PCBs allow designers to implement these changes quickly.

Small Batch Production:

For low-volume production runs or niche products. traditional PCB manufacturing lead times may be impractical. Fast-turn PCB services can accommodate smaller batch sizes efficiently.

Trade Shows or Events:

Companies need prototypes or demonstration, conferences. or other events on short notice, making fast-turn PCBs essential.

Market Testing:

Before committing to full-scale production, companies need to conduct market test. or pilot runs with limited quantities of their product. Fast-turn PCBs enable them to do so promptly.

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One-stop PCB Services : Quick Turn PCB, Fast PCB Prototype,Low Volume Customized PCB

How Fast Turn PCB Board

LayersPCB Order Quantity (m2)Build Time (Days)Extra Urgent (Hours)
2 Layers<1 m25 Days48 Hours
1-5 m27 Days 
>5 m28 Days 
4 Layers<1 m25 Days48 Hours
1-5 m27 Days 
>5 m212 Days 
6 Layers / 8 Layers<1 m27 Days72 Hours
1-5 m29 Days 
>5 m212 Days 
10 Layers<1 m210 Days96 Hours
1-5 m210 Days 
>5 m215 Days 
10 or more Layers<1 m210 Days96 Hours
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One-stop PCB Services : Quick Turn PCB, Fast PCB Prototype,Low Volume Customized PCB

GESP Supply Fast Turn PCB Services

1. Fast Turn PCB Prototype

  • Design optimization for manufacturing.
  • Prototyping using PCB designing tools.
  • PCB assembly process.
  • Expedited shipping upon payment.

2. Fast Turn PCB Fabrication

  • Client selects simple designs.
  • Utilization of PCB design tool for design creation.
  • Layout optimization for the PCB.
  • Utilization of standard PCB sizes to expedite fabrication.

3. Fast Turn PCB Production

  • Selection of standard material and layer stack-up.
  • Optimization of design to minimize delays and errors.
  • Reduction of layers to streamline production and simplify the process.
  • Utilization of surface-mount components for faster assembly.

4. Fast Turn PCB Manufacturing

  • Design optimization to prepare for manufacturing.
  • Integration of top-quality components to meet quality standards.
  • Preparation of standard board sizes for production.
  • Thorough testing to ensure PCB functionality.

5. Fast Turn PCB Manufacturing

  • Component placement optimization expedites assembly.
  • Automated assembly equipment, enhances accuracy and efficiency.
  • Rigorous testing in final stages prevents delays from reworks.
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Reliable High-Mixed PCB Fabrication Manufacturer

One-stop PCB Services : Quick Turn PCB, Fast PCB Prototype,Low Volume Customized PCB

Advantages of Fast Turn PCB for Projects

Quick-turn PCB services are a game-changer for rapid prototyping. This approach enables designers to test and refine their ideas with speed. leading to better quality and more innovative products. Fast feedback loops mean design flaws get addressed swiftly. ensuring only the best versions make it to market.

Design Flexibility and Iteration

The ability to receive PCBs quickly offers unmatched design flexibility. Engineers can experiment and iterate without significant time penalties. This freedom encourages creativity, leading to breakthrough products that set new industry standards.

Cutting Development Costs

While per-unit costs might be higher, fast-turn PCBs can lead to lower project expenses. By reducing the waiting time for prototypes, companies can save on labor and overhead costs. making the development process more efficient and cost-effective.

Responding to Market Changes Quickly

In a fast-paced market, agility is key. quick turn PCBs allow companies to adapt their products rapidly to meet new demands. This agility ensures businesses remain relevant and competitive.

Small Batch Production Benefits

For startup projects, fast turn PCB offer a practical solution for small-scale production. This flexibility supports innovation in niche markets. allowing for personalized and bespoke product offerings.

fast turn pcb board gesp

Mitigating Supply Chain Risks

In today’s unpredictable supply chain environment. the ability to produce PCBs quickly is invaluable. Fast turn services help maintain project timelines. ensuring deadlines met despite external challenges.

Meeting Critical Deadlines

Whether for a trade show, product launch, or critical presentation. fast turn PCBs ensure you have working prototypes on time. Making a strong impression on potential customers and investors is crucial for business growth.

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Reliable High-Mixed PCB Fabrication Manufacturer

One-stop PCB Services : Quick Turn PCB, Fast PCB Prototype,Low Volume Customized PCB

Tips For Selecting a Fast Turn PCB Manufacturer

  • Reviews and Ratings: Examine client feedback to gauge overall satisfaction. Prioritize companies with positive reviews and minimal complaints.
  • Customer Support :Ensure prompt and helpful customer service. Responsive support is crucial for resolving queries and issues swiftly.
  • Cost vs. Quality :Balance affordability with quality. Opt for a provider offering competitive pricing without compromising on standards.
  • Reliability and Reputation: Prioritize manufacturers with a solid track record of reliability and consistent quality. Reputation speaks volumes.
  • Lead Times : Consider production and delivery speed. Choose a manufacturer capable of meeting your timeline while considering location-related factors.

Selecting the ideal fast turn PCB manufacturer demands careful assessment of reviews. customer support, cost, reliability, manufacturing capabilities, and lead times. By weighing these factors, you can ensure a successful partnership that meets your project needs.

The Future of Fast Turn PCB Services

The future of fast turn PCB services looks promising with advancements in technology. As electronic devices get smaller and more complex. the need for quick PCB manufacturing will grow. Automation and smart manufacturing will speed up production. while 3D printing will make prototyping faster and more customizable.

The rise of IoT and wearable technology will require specialized PCBs. pushing manufacturers to offer more customization options. However, ensuring quality and reliability will remain crucial. leading to investments in testing and eco-friendly practices. In essence, rapid turn PCB services are gearing up for a future driven by innovation, speed. and meeting evolving customer needs.


In conclusion, our fast turn PCB services prioritize efficiency. and accuracy throughout the manufacturing process. From optimized component placement to the utilization of automated assembly equipment. GESP ensure swift and reliable production. Rigorous testing in the final stages guarantees top-notch quality and minimizes the risk of delays. Ready to streamline your PCB production process? Contact us today to experience the benefits of our fast turn services firsthand!

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