When you created and assembled electronic products. one of your primary considerations will be the PCB quality assurance. To test the levels of manufacturing quality. it is essential to locate a reputable manufacturer. such as GESP, that adheres to established PCB and assembly quality control procedures. GESP offers printed circuit boards, electronic systems, and assemblies. We will supply our consumers with safe, effective. and dependable products of the best quality and value. GESP continually strives for quality during the various phases of manufacturing . as confirmed by prestigious worldwide certifying agencies recognized by the electronics industry.


Raw Materials Quality

Control the quality of PCB boards by performing stringent quality checks on the raw materials. If the quality of raw materials is guaranteed. it is possible to obtain high-quality PCB boards. To safeguard the creation of the back. therefore, the raw materials must be thoroughly examined.

Visual Inspection

Visual inspection is the use of the human eye to check the quality of pcb products. PCB paste printing, placement, reflow soldering, wave soldering. and online inspection all have visual inspection processes. respectively, pcb printing visual inspection, after the furnace contrast visual inspection. assembly visual inspection, and quality inspection.


Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) — There are both inexpensive and commercial-grade AOI systems available. Low-cost AOI systems use inexpensive cameras . and Open Source Computer Vision (OpenCV) to compare PCB photos. with those of a “perfect” board and discover inconsistencies or flaws. Commercial AOI use higher-quality cameras and RBG LEDs . to reflect light and inspect solder quality and connection flaws.

Fly Probe Test

Fly probe testing is commonly utilized in small batch production. It is distinguished by easy testing, high program variability, and high versatility. It can test virtually any form of circuit board. However, test efficiency is low, and testing each board takes a long time. This test performed after the product has passed through the reflow furnace. And monitors the resistance between two fixed places.

Auto E-Tester

Automated fixture testing is typically utilized in PCB mass production.

It characterized by a reasonably large production volume and a high test efficiency. but a comparatively high manufacturing cost.

Each type of circuit board requires a unique fixture, and the average lifespan of a fixture set is one year.

GESP purchases various automatic test rigs to save labor costs . and meet client quality and delivery date.

X-Ray Inspection

For some circuit boards using BGA-packaged components. the initial manufactured product must undergo X-ray inspection.X-rays have exceptional penetrability and were the first instrument. adopted for multiple examination purposes.

The perspective view can reveal the thickness, form, quality. and density of solder junctions.These particular indicators can quantitatively indicate the welding quality of solder junctions. including open circuits, short circuits, copper holes, internal bubbles, and inadequate tin.

Functional Testing

PCB functional testing is the most thorough way to find out if a board made in the factory is ready to leave the factory and go to the customer. The goal is to find missing or wrong parts, opens or shorts in nets or solder connections, and manufacturing flaws that affect reliability.

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