The design engineer assigns each circuit board a unique function. In order to produce a PCB that is adequate for achieving this function. it is necessary to use a complex manufacturing procedure. Consequently, the PCB production process is a multistep, complex procedure. This review focuses on the most vital procedures involved in the fabrication of a multilayer PCB. When purchasing PCBs from GESP Technology, you are investing in quality that will pay for itself over time. we ensured product quality by control the PCB production process strictly. thereby ensuring that the product fulfills its claims.




Design and Output

GESP Design and Output

 Check the Gerber file provided by the customer . and generate the layers of Conductive Pattern, Drilling, Solder Mask, Silkscreen’s Artwork Master etc.

Material Board Cutting

Material Board Cutting

According to the customer’s specifications. the copperclad PCB’s corresponding material is cut to a size . suitable for the PCB manufacturing process.

Inner Layer Printed

The image transferred to the surface of the board using photosensitive dryfilm and UV light. which polymerizes the dry film exposed by the artwork. 



Etch copper off the panel. After removing this copper, the dry coating is removed. leaving the design-matching copper circuitry. 

Circuit Check

circuit check

Check the developed circuit .GESP Technology does not allow open circuits

Inner Eaching

Use CuCl2 to etch away the copper without the protective layer

Inner Layer AOI

Innner layer AOI

Use the principle of optical reflection to detect the adbsence of lines.

Brown & Lamination


Brown the circuit boards of each layer fix the stacked boards in order.



Driliing vias for layer-to-layer line connection

Copper Plating

Copper Plating

Via hole is deposited with 20-40μ ,and a layer of 200-500μ copper is electroplated to protect the copper layer

Outer Layer Image

Outer Layer image

Like the inner layer imaging process the outer circuit layer is formed through dry film

Pattern Plating

pattern plating

Thicken the exposed copper suface to the thickness required by the customer

Outer Layer AOI

Outer Layer AOI

Check the integrity of the outer circuit

Solder Mask

GESP Design and Output

The solder resist ink is printed on the board with a screen.This process will undergo the process of exposure development, exposing the parts that need to be soldered

Legends Printing


Print the characters on the PCB surface and bake until the characters are hardened

Surface Treatment

PCB Surface Treatment

Surface treatment is made a protective layer formed on the surface of the copper layer to prevent oxidation if the copper surface. 

CNC Routing & V-Cut

CNC Contour & V-Cut

This process will cut the PCB into the size and shape required by

Electrical Test

Electrical Test

GESP Technology uses universal on grid and moving probe to test the electrical performance of the PCB

Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection

Final inspection of PCB dimensions board thickness line width,aperture,solderability,etc.

PCB Packing

GESP Technology vacuum-packs the tested PCBs, put them together with a desiccant. then, put them in our carton,ensure that the PCB reaches the customer in the best condition.


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