In low volume PCB assembly, components are mounted to a small batch of bare boards.  Due to the small batch sizes, this method is also known as small-volume PCB assembly. Low- volume PCB assembly can give fast turnaround times . In the PCB assembly and processing sector, there are many low volume or prototype orders. Because of the low volume of production could improve products quality . Furthermore,  It also help to cut expenses. And you can save even more time.

GESP specializes in prototype and small volume PCB assembly production for customers. Our team offers complete solution design, PCB drawing. PCB board assembly, component procurement, placement, plug-in, soldering, and testing services.


Designed for Manufacturing

Our DFM services to prevent engineering delays . that could impede the production process and speed up delivery. The customer’s files including the BOM, Gerber files. assembly drawings, and circuit diagrams, is thoroughly reviewed. Before placing an order, we additionally review the component list. and pick just those solder masks with high output rates.

Design for Testing

Our skilled QA team test sites on your PCB to assist you in deciding on fixtures. probe kinds, and understanding any test method restrictions. Expertise and our expert help technique are combined to assist you. in determining the functionality of diagnostic instructions. test requirements, problem identification procedures, and other reference resources.

Complete Turnkey PCB Assembly

From PCB component procurement and manufacture through assembly. we manage every step of your project swiftly and without sacrificing quality. We are a PCB manufacturing that can handle all of your requirements. from component sourcing to PCB fabrication to testing . and quality control to packaging and shipment. We customized to provide low volume assembly. and runs the same attention as high volume projects.

High-Mix Assembly

In response to the rising trend of customization in the industrial environment. we have prioritized the efficient and effective management of high-mix assembly operations. We have embraced new tools and platforms for high-mix assembly operations. that enable us to respond to market changes more quickly and meet quality standards. our engineering team updated the low-volume PCB assembly process rapidly.

Purchasing Components for PCB Fabrication

With years of experience in circuit assembly. we’ve developed solid partnerships with authorized distributors. We ensure the longevity, quality, and performance of PCB manufacturing components. to maximize the operation of your boards. We have boosted the productivity of PCB assembly lines. to provide you with high-quality components.

Testing, Soldering, and Quality Control

We are responsible for the quality of the soldered joints. During board assembly, we apply testing techniques, such as AOI. X-ray inspection of solder joint quality. We may also conduct manual visual inspections to assist you . in determining the success of your low-volume PCB assembly.


Cost Advantages:

According to technology improve quickly. there are singifcant cost advantages to making PCBs in low volume. despite the fact that your demand is little, it is possible to obtain ideal pricing.

Turnaround time:

Fast turnaround times are also caused by low volume sizes. So, you can quickly decide if you need to make any changes to the design. In turn, this makes time-to-market shorter.

Flexible :

low-volume PCB assembly is a more flexible service for your business . because it doesn’t get bogged down by high volume production. and has quick turnaround times. By making it easier to see if a product has any flaws. it can be very flexible when it comes to meeting customer needs.

Quality Perfert Product:

Low-Volume PCB Assembly is ideal for OEMs . developing new devices or startups launching new products. The small batch PCB allows you to test the product’s efficacy . before proceeding with large batch manufacture.

Friendly for Starters & Hobbyists:

Small-volume PCB assembly and the low cost of testing ideas make it easy for small businesses. and hobbyists to test their ideas without spending a lot of money. It is also easy for startups that want to market to an input audience to get proof that their idea works.


Assembly TypesSMT, Thru-hole, Mixed Technology, BGA
StencilsLaser-cut stainless-steel stencils
Solder TypeLeaded and Lead-free/RoHS compliant
Board TypeFlex, Rigid, Rigid-flex
Minimum OrderNo Minimum Order
TestingFlying Probe testing, ICT Testing,AOI, Functional Testing, X-ray Inspection


GESP provide highly dependable low-volume PCB assembly services. with the optimum combination of faster time-to-market . and competitive price using our printed circuit board assembly skills. Our strong dedication to quality assurance . that has gained us a broad customer base in the markets listed below.

  • Consumption Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Medical and Cosmetic Devices
  • Communication  Electronic 
  • Products for Security


We are leading small batch PCB manufacturer. has modern production facilities and expertise. to meet our clients’ quality requirements and execute projects on time. We ensure that any issues and had optimized project. before entering final production by employing technologies . such as Design for Manufacturing (DFM) . and Design for Test (DFT) in the manufacturing process.

GESP provides small batch PCB assembly, small batch PCB prototypes. low cost PCB fabrication, and small run PCB manufacturing to fulfill your specific needs. Our PCB manufacturing facilities are equipped to supply you with high-quality. We also provide turn-key PCB assembly services with rapid turnaround times.



What exactly is low-volume PCB assembly?

The process of building a small number of circuit boards. including DFM and DFT testing.

What is the advantage of low-volume PCB assembly?

A low volume PCB assembly is commonly defined as a small or unlimited amount. It is useful for building new goods as well as repairing/replacing old ones. If your application demands a PCB and limited by time and money. you can consider low volume PCB assembly. which minimizes costs, saves time, and produces high-quality circuit boards.

How should you go about finding small PCB assembly services?

GESP construct a small batch of pre-production sample PCB assemblies. for your order and give them to you for inspection before proceeding with the remainder of the order. As we do extensive electrical testing as well as X-ray inspection. checks on all manufactured PCBs to assure the quality of the assembly . once the order has been certified for full production. We employ this technology to assure that every PCB that leaves our facility is in good working order.