GESP technology with over 17 years of experience in electronics manufacturing. we know how to use our procurement of electronic components sourcing capabilities . to meet the particular project needs of our customers.

Our team will work closely with our clients. We can take complete control of the procurement process. work to precise specifications, or work using components provided free of charge by our customers.

At the start of the electronic components sourcing purchasing process. our engineers and buyers will rigorously evaluate your bill of materials (BOM). and use knowledge in the following areas:

Flexible Electronic Components Sourcing Method

There are 4 flexible options for you to use our electronic components procurement service.


1. We offer all components purchased from authorized and reliable dealers.

2. We purchase all components from your recommended distributor.

3. Kit or consignment: You supply us with all components.

4. Combined with: You supply some components and we supply the rest.


Benefits of Electronic Components Sourcing

Cost-Effective Sourcing

We believe that finding low-priced electronic components is critical. To provide our customers with the lowest possible manufacturing cost. Our global supplier network also allows us to locate components.  that are frequently difficult to locate.

High Quality

Component counterfeiting poses a severe threat to the production of electronic goods. As a result, we have strong standards and electronic components sourcing procedures. in place to manage our procurement.  As a result, eliminate this risk for our consumers. We will only buy components from our approved list of suppliers . And all components will go through a comprehensive incoming goods inspection. as well as continuous testing during production. As a result, all of our customers can expect a high-quality finished product.

Rapid Turnaround

We have the ability to keep large levels of component stock. To provide customers with a truly responsive. and adaptable supply chain.

Stock Management

While calculating the cost of your bill of materials. our skilled engineers will assess any accessibility concerns. If a component has a high risk of obsolescence. we have the engineering experience and worldwide sourcing network. to offer replacement components or build alternative solutions.

How to Get Quotation of Components

pcb design layout service Electronic Components Sourcing

When electronic components sourcing, you should provide the correct BOM with details of the item. raw material, packaging, description, part number etc.

As soon as you have your BOM ready, please contact us and we will have a 1-1 specialist engineering y contact you. For more information, please send us a message or contact your dedicated service representative via email.or more information, please leave messages to us or contact your exclusive service representative through email.