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BGA assembly technology is a surface-adhesive packaging technology applied to integrated circuits. which is often used to permanently fix devices such as microprocessors. The entire bottom surface of the device can be used as pins, rather than just the periphery. and can have a shorter average lead length for better high-speed performance. than peripherally limited package types. Due to the increasing integration of chips today. the number of I/O pins increases dramatically. power consumption also increases. and the requirements for integrated circuit packaging become more stringent. In order to meet the development needs, BGA ASSEMBLYs are beginning to production.


1.Small Size

BGA PCB assembly only chip, interconnection line, very thin substrate and plastic sealing cover. and few components exposed on the outside, no very large pins. The height of the whole chip on the PCB can be 1.2 mm.

2.Large Storage Space

The memory products and running products with PCB BGA  will be more than 2.1 times higher in internal memory . and running speed compared to other types of package technology.

3.High Stability

Since the pins of the BGA  are extended directly from the center of the chip to all around. this effectively shortens the transmission path of various signals. and also reduces the attenuation of signals improves the response speed . and anti-interference capability. and increases the stability of the product.

4.Favorable for Rework

The pins of the BGA  look neatly aligned at the bottom. and it is easy to find the damaged position for removal according to the alignment. which is conducive to the reworking of BGA chips.


PCB BGA is very strong, BGA can not bend and break the pins. generally to remove the BGA, you need to use the BGA rework table high temperature for removal.

6.Avoid Confusion of Alignment

BGA can put a lot of power and ground pins in the middle and I/O port leads on the periphery. which can be pre-wired on the BGA substrate to avoid confusing I/O port alignment.

7.Good Heat Dissipation Performance

BGA has good heat dissipation performance. and its chip temperature is close to the ambient temperature when it is working.

Miniaturization,High Solderability,Improved Performance APPLICATIONS OF BGA PCB ASSEMBLY

bga assembly process

BGA assembly is primarily used in electronic products with 300 pins or more in high-density configurations. such as chipsets, CPUs, Flash, and some communication ICs. Because of the good electrical and thermal properties of BGA assemly. as well as the effective reduction of packaging area. its demand growth rate is much higher than that of other types of packaging methods.


Ball Grid Array surface mount packaging is widely used in integrated circuit boards. BGAs are primarily used to mount high-performance devices such as microprocessors. Several BGA assembly service providers offer these packages in various specifications. Among them is the GESP Assembly. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the design of Ball Grid Array Assembly packages. We can produce high-quality BGA circuit boards with high yield rates. because we have advanced manufacturing and inspection equipment.


  • The following characteristics will assist you in comprehending GESP’s BGA assembly process:
  • As one of the most important processes in assembly. the process begins with the development of a thermal profile by our specialists. We analyze the BGA datasheet and PCB files you provide to develop a thermal profile for your BGA assembly.
  • GESP always maintain voids below 25% of the diameter of the solder balls. 
  • Specialized thermal profiles are designed for leaded or lead-free BGAs. to prevent higher temperatures and open-ball issues.
  • We conduct a thorough Design for Manufacturability (DFM) evaluation to ensure suitability. This includes inspecting the maximum warpage, surface finishes. solder mask clearances, and other factors.


What exactly is a BGA Assembly?

BGA, or Ball Grid Array, is a PCB packaging technology with a high density. that is widely used for Integrated Circuits. Surface Mount packaging is popular due to the precision component placement that it provides.

What variables influence the quality of BGA Assembly?

Checking the compatibility of the laminate material, the warpage rule. the effect of the surface finish, and solder mask clearance are just a few of the factors . that influence the quality of the BGA assembly.

What capabilities does BGA PCB have?

Our capabilities for BGA Printed Circuit Boards include the following:

  • (BGA) Micro Ball Grid Array
  • Chip Array Ball Grid Array (CVBGA)
  • Fine Pitch Ball Grid (VFBGA)
  • Land Grid System (LGA)
  • Package weighing chips’ (CSP)
  • Chip packaging at the wafer level (WLCSP)
What advantages does BGA board assembly offer?

BGA PCB’s advantages include its high density. superior electrical conductivity, decreased thermal resistance, and ease of assembly and management.