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Assembly of a prototype printed circuit board (PCB) has multiple names. Other common terms include surface-mount technology (SMT) PCB prototypes. PCBA prototype assembly, and PCB sample assembly, among others. The expression PCB assembly

A PCBA prototype used to test the functionality of new electronic designs. These aid in quality assurance by confirming that the test product is flawless. locating bugs, and updating the design. Typically, before mass production. a single electronic project requires two or three iterations of an SMT assembly . to ensure that everything functions flawlessly.

Professional PCB One-stop Services GESP-PCB ASSEMBLY EXPERT

As a leading manufacturer of printed circuit board assembly in CHINA. GESP uses advanced technology circuits to manage the entire assembly process. We maintain printed circuit board assembly manufacturing services in-house. to provide complete PCB solutions and the quickest turnaround.We are committed to satisfying your Printed circuit board assembly needs. with superior quality and rapid turnaround! Our team focuses on minor flaws that can damage the PCB. 


Professional Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing & Assembly GESP PCB ASSEMBLY SERVICES

SMT Assembly

Soldering electronic components onto a printed circuit board (PCB) constitutes SMT assembly technology.

BGA assembly is a type of SMT assembly process used for constructing PCBs to improve storage space.

Turnkey printed circuit board assembly can ensure efficient operations obtain you time-efficient work.

PCB Box Build

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Through Hole PCBA

 Through hole PCBA has been the primary method used in PCBA for a long while in printed circuit board .

In low volume PCBA, due to the small batch sizes components are mounted to a small batch of bare boards.

Quick turn PCB assembly is a rapid and effective method for producing prototype PCBs ensure quality.

Custom cable assembly including electromechanical, smart interconnect PCBA system,ground  strap.

Consigned assembly  allows customers to redistribute work while maintaining own manufacturing facility.

Electro mechanical assembly involves assembling the that controls electrical current for cell phones.

High volume PCB assembly entails the assembly of thousands of printed circuit boards using DFT and DFM.

The prototype PCBA refers to a quick prototype PCBA . used to ensure that the design fits functional.

The primary purpose of SMT stencils is to simply transfer solder paste to a bare circuit board

We specialize in mixed printed circuit board assembly with a combination of rigid and flexible construction.

Material production on-line, including solder paste printing, patching, reflow soldering, AOI inspection

Rework of a PCBA involves desoldering or re-soldering of certain surface-mounted components.



Superior Materials and Fabrication

When working with a professional business for printed circuit board assembly. they will normally use the highest-quality materials and assembling equipment. This may not be true of all organizations offering these services. but it is true of respected, long-standing companies. Choosing a company that delivers the finest materials . and assembly services contributes to the perfection of the final result.

Detect Errors Early

Even individuals with years of experience developing PCB. It can make mistakes during the design process. A massive error that may cost your firm a great deal of money. It would result from the repetition of an error across all of the circuit boards. Instead of allowing this to occur. you might hire a professional for printed circuit board assembly.

Save Time and effiency

Consider the amount of time you would spend if you had to build and assemble all PCBs in-house. To keep up with manufacturing and assembly demands. you would need to hire additional personnel. It would consume a great deal of time that would be better spent on other elements of your business. For the assembly of printed circuit boards, it makes far more sense to hire professionals. Whether you require one PCB or tens of thousands, they can handle the assembly.

Reduced Production Costs

In addition, consider the manufacturing expenses . you would spend if you assembled the boards yourself. customer would require a substantial amount of area for the PCBA. You would need to purchase all necessary supplies and equipment, plus more. and would likely pay significantly more than . if you had just hired a professional company to assemble the boards for you.

The turnaround time might be quick.

Some companies continue to contemplate in-house printed circuit board assembly . out of concern that a third party won’t be able to help them reach their deadlines. This is not always the case. In many instances, you can have the boards in a couple of days. if you choose a provider renowned for its quick turnaround time. Obviously, it will depend on the quantity of PCBs required . and the assembly business chosen.


single side PCBA

Single-sided PCBs 

double side PCBA

Double-sided PCBs

Multi-layer PCBA

Multi-layer PCBs

Rigid PCBA

Rigid PCBs


Flexible PCBs

Rigid-flex PCBA

Rigid-flex PCBs


PCBA services also specialize in prototype and low-volume production. making GESP the one-stop shop for board fabrication and assembly. This arrangement simplifies and expedites your R&D efforts. Our skilled engineers and technicians will work directly. with you via our customer service representatives. to ensure the highest quality and shortest lead time possible.

We have established ourselves as the top provider of PCB and PCBA services. due to our continuous quality and superior services. which we use to fulfill hundreds of orders daily from across the globe.

GESP Assembly possesses the following capabilities: SMT Assembly, BGA Assembly, Through-Hole Assembly. Mixed Assembly, Rigid Flex PCBA Services, Electro Mechanical Assembly. Box Build Assembly, Product Assembly, and Cable Assemblies. Conforming to a variety of standards, including IPC 610 Class 2 and Class 3.

Professional PCB One-stop Services How to guarantee high quality PCBA assembly?

  • IPC-600G class 2 and IPC-6012B class 2 standards
  • ISO 9001:2008 quality system management
  • UL certification level 94v-0
  • X-Ray detection system
  • Automatic optical inspection (AOI)
  • Online test (ICT) and functional test
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliance
  • Request 100%PCBA function testing
How to guarantee high quality PCBA assembly


PCB assembly or PCBA is the second step or stage of PCB fabrication. in which board components are soldered to the bare board. PCB Assembly is necessary to conclude the PCB Manufacturing Process.

Yes, we offer a 24-hour quick-turn PCB assembly service without sacrificing quality.

Yes, we offer multi-layer PCB Assembly services.

Yes, we are able to execute fin Pitch (01005 size passive components and up to 1mil spacing on BGA).

Yes ,we can install BGA

Yes, we always inspect using X-Ray.

Yes, we offered RoHS-compliant and lead-compliant assemblies.

Our typical turnaround time for PCB Assembly is three weeks.

PCB assembly costs vary based on PCB component type. total number of components, and order quantity.