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PCBA Assembly Capability

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PCB Assembly

To meet the needs of customers of small-batch prototype prototypes to quickly generate PCBA and test, and help customers shorten the production cycle, GESP Technology has launched a one-stop assembly service for Prototype PCB.

Our state-of-the-art assembly equipment enables us to meet all your PCBA needs under one roof in an inexpensive way, our Printed Circuits Boards Assembly Capability includes but not limited to what is listed below, as we are updating our equipment constantly to keep us on the cutting edge.

Types Of Assembly
THD (Thru-Hole Device)
THD (Thru-Hole Device)
SMT (Surface-Mount Technology)
SMT  & THD mixed
2 sided SMT and THD assembly
Full Turnkey
Partial Turnkey/Combo
Order Quantity
1 to 100000 boards
Passive Component: we can accept components as small as 
01005, 0201,0402.
Fine pitch to 8 Mils
BGA, uBGA, QFN,POP and Leadless chips
Connectors and terminals
Components Package
Continuous Tape
Cut tape
Tube and tray
Loose parts and bulk
Board Dimensions
Smallest size: 0.2" x 0.2"
Largest size: 15" x 20"
Board Shape
Slots and Cut outs
Complex and Irregular
Board Type
Rigid boards
Rigid-Flex boards
Assembly Process
Leaded process
Lead-Free (RoHS)
Design File Format
Gerber RS-274X
BOM (Bill of Materials) (.xls, .csv, . xlsx)
Centroid(Pick-N-Place/XY file)
Sales and Support
Phone calls
Electrical Testing
X-ray Inspection
AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
Functional testing
Oven Profile
Turnaround Time
1-5 days for only PCB assembly
10-16 days for turnkey PCB assembly

SMT Assembly Capabilities

SMT Assembly -- Components are mounted by placing them directly onto the PCB's surface. We have the capabilities to assemble SMT prototype PCBs in small production runs with manual and automated SMT production processes, including single- or double-sided component insertions. Our production facilities can assemble the following SMT types:

Ball Grid Array (BGA)

Ultra-Fine Ball Grid Array (U-BGA)

Quad Flat Pack No-Lead (QFN)

Quad Flat Package (QFP)

Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC)

Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC)

Package-On-Package (PoP)

Small Chip Packages (pitch of 0.2 mm)

If your PCB Assembly demands are beyond these capabilities, please contact us at, we will respond if we can do or not within 24 hours.

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