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How to Quote and Order PCB Assembly Services
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With over 10 years’ experience in providing turnkey PCB Assembly services for worldwide clients, GESP Technology has developed a professional PCB Assembly Quote system which takes you no efforts to submit inquiry and create order.

Step One: Register and Login

Since circuit assembly quote will be presented under My Quote section of personal GESP Technology account, we recommend you register at our website before submitting the RFQ. Otherwise, we’ll create temporary account using the email address you used to submit the RFQ.


If you already have an GESP Technology account, please log into first. If you prefer getting PCB Assembly prices prior registration, please skip this Step and move forward to Step Two.



Step 2: PCB Assembly Quotation Submission

Move your mouser to Quote section on website navigation bar, then click Assembly Quote to enter circuit assembly quote page.




On the quote page, there are four sections required for your information: Basic InformationPCBAssembly and Upload Files.


  • Basic Information


In this section, please provide the name of your BOM and Quantity you required for assembled PCBs. Please also be specific about Delivery Method.




Tips on the Delivery Method selection: in spite of an optional item, technical rail contributes to the improvement on manufacturability of both PCBs and further PCB assembly. Transmission on conveyor belt in the process of reflow soldering and/or wave soldering relies on technical rail that is also beneficial to accurate positioning.


  • PCB


In this section, please provide us all necessary circuit spec of your boards, including PCB TypeLayersMaterial Details, Board Type (Single unit and Panels), Board Size, Thickness, Surface Finish, Copper Weight, Soldermask, Soldermask color, Matt Color, Silkscreen Legend, Silkscreen Legend Color, Smallest Holes, Min. Tracing/Spacing, etc.




  • Assembly


Please be specific whether if your project requires Custom Testing and IC Programming. We can do single-sided assembly and double-sided assembly, tell us which kind of service do you need.




  • Upload Files


With all those parameters and selections determined, please upload your BOM Files and PCB Gerber files. Accepted file formats include .zip, .rar, .xls, .csv, .doc and .txt only.




At the bottom page, you will find Note bank, Email blank and Submit Quote button.




Have other demands for this project? Just remark them at the Note bank. Email blank HAS TO BE validly filled due to the following reasons:
① If you have GESP Technology account, please input the email address you used to register at GESP before (if you already login, this blank will be automatically filled in with the register email address and it’s impossible to change).
② If you don’t have a GESP Technology account, please fill a valid email address. We’ll create a temporary account using this email address accordingly.

Step 3: Quotation Receiving

Usually it takes 1-2 working days to generate PCB Assembly quotations. We’ll notify you the quote by email as soon as it’s ready. By then, you can login your GESP Technology account, enter My Quote section to locate the assembly project. Click View to check the price. For those who do not have GESP Technology account, please use the temporary account info within the quotation notification email to login and check price.





Step 4: Add to Cart

Choose the item you want to order, click Proceed to Checkout button to enter Order Confirmation page.




On the confirmation page, please fill in shipping addresspayment option and shipping express and fill in coupon code if there’s any. Then click SUBMIT ORDER button and move forward to checkout.




If you choose Paypal as your payment method, your page will be immediately redirected to Paypal page for payment. If you choose wire transfer as your payment method, after submitting order you’ll get our bank info for payment. Please send bank receipt to us if you release the payment with Wire Transfer. As it usually takes days for payment arrival, we can process your order based on the receipt.

After payment received, we will carry out free DFM Check on your PCB design file and BOM confirmation. We’ll reach you through email if there’s any question on your file or order. We’ll move forward to production once everything is clear.


Still have questions about PCB assembly quotation or ordering? You are welcome to reach us here. We’ll reply at once.



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