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How to Quote and Order Advanced PCB Manufacturing Services
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GESP Technology has brought an on-line quote system for advanced PCBs such as Flexible PCBs, Flex-rigid PCBs, Aluminum PCBs, HDI PCBs, Rogers PCBs, etc. to better serve our customers. This user-friendly quote system allows you to get online PCB price easily.

Step One: Register and Login

Advanced PCB quote will be presented under My Quotesection of personal GESP Technology account, we recommend you register at our website before submitting the RFQ. Otherwise, we’ll create temporary account using the email address you used to submit the RFQ.


If you already have an GESP Technology account, please log into first. If you don’t have a GESP Technology account and ready to sign up, click Login button to register. If you prefer getting PCB quote prior registration, please skip Step One and move forward to Step Two.



Step Two: Enter Advanced PCB Quote Page

Put your cursor at Quote and a list will be seen on which Advanced PCB Quote is clicked to enter Advanced PCB Quote page.



Step Three: Get All Parameters Filled and PCB Design Files Uploaded

Please fill in parameters including Part Number, Quantity, PCB Type, Layer Count, Material Details, Board Type, Board Size, Thickness (Finished Board), Surface Finish, Copper Weight (Finished), Solder Mask, Solder Mask Color, Silkscreen Legend and Its Color, Impedance Control and Stiffener to get a previse advanced PCBs quote. You don’t need to get all the above parameters filled except those with “*” indicated in front.




Upload your PCB design files when parameters are filled in. We accept PCB design file in format .zip or .rar.


Note: At the bottom of this page is a blank that should be filled with your Email address.
① If you have GESP Technology account, please input the email address you used to register at GESP before (if you already login, this blank will be automatically filled in with the register email address and it’s impossible to change).
② If you don’t have a GESP Technology account, please fill a valid email address. We’ll create a temporary account using this email address accordingly.


As soon as quotation is ready, we’ll send you an email notifying the quote. If you don’t have a GESP Technology account before, along with the quote we’ll send you a temporary account password with which you can login your temporary GESP Technology account and finish the advanced PCB order.

Step Four: Focus on Your Email and Complete Your Order

As soon as your inquiry is submitted, staff at GESP Technology will instantly deal with your request and send the quotation to you by email within 48 hours. You can also login your GESP Technology account, and enter My Quote section to view PCB price.




If you find the given price acceptable for the high quality, please login your GESP Technology account and finish the order by filling address, selecting freight mode and completing payment. We’ll start advanced PCB manufacturing after confirmation on the design files.


When it comes to the quote on other types of PCBs and electronic manufacturing services, please go over our website for more information. Up to now, altogether 5 quote accesses are available on GESP Technology for customers’ specific needs.
• Quote and Order FR4 PCBs Immediately
• Quote and Order Quickturn Prototype PCBs
• Request Quote for Advanced PCBs such as Flex PCBs, Rogers PCBs, etc.
• Quote and Order Stencil Online
• Request Turnkey PCB Assembly Quote


For more information about GESP Technology, please feel free to reach us. We will reply shortly.


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