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High-Tg PCB

High-Tg PCB

What is High-TG PCB

PCB made of High-Temperature Fr4 Material always called High-TG PCB.PCB material must be flame retardant, it cannot be burned at a certain temperature and it can only be softened. The temperature point is called the glass transition temperature (Tg).

FR4 is a code name for the level of epoxy glass material. Tg means glass transition temperature.
The general Tg fr4 is 130 to 140 ° C, the middle Tg more than 150 to 160 ° C and the high Tg more than 170 ° C.
Higher the Tg point, the better the performance of PCB heat resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, stability, and other properties.
The higher Tg point means a higher temperature requirement during lamination. The plates are hard and crispy, which affects the hole and the electrical properties.

Ordinary PCB materials are not only softened, deformed, melted and other phenomena at high temperatures, but also the mechanical and electrical properties decrease significantly.

When the working temperature reaches the melting point, which means that the temperature exceeds the Tg value, the status of the PCB material changes from a glassy to liquid, which affects the function of PCB. And this value is related to the stability of the PCB dimensions.

As usual made with Tg ≥ 170 ℃ PCB material, which is referred to as a High Tg circuit board. With the rapid development of the electronics industry, high Tg material is widely used in computers, communication devices, precise apparatus, and instruments, etc.

Get A Quotation For Your High-Tg PCB

When it comes to FR-4 High-TG PCBs, GESP Technology has the experience and quality products you need for your industry. If you work with printed circuit boards that you will be subjected to high temperatures, you need to be sure those PCBs can take the heat.

At GESP Technology, our high-temperature PCB products can handle extreme PCB glass transition-temperature rates and retain their integrity, so you can use these High-TG FR-4 boards with confidence. Contact us for more information about High-TG PCB.

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