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Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy Copper PCB is widely used in central power supply systems and power electronic devices due to its ability to conduct larger currents in smaller product sizes. Generally, this unique type of heavy copper PCB features a finished copper weight of more than 4oz (140um), compared to the 1oz (35um) or 2oz (0um) copper weight generally found in those with a standard PCB copper thickness.

Due to the additional thickness of the copper circuit board, the circuit board can conduct a higher current, achieve good heat distribution and implement complex switches in the smallest of spaces. Additional advantages include increased mechanical strength at the connection points, the possibility of achieving a smaller product size by integrating several weights on the same circuit layer and the possibility of using exotic materials with maximum capacity with minimal risk of circuit failure.

Heavy Copper PCB Application

  • High current applications
  • Thermal distribution for good thermal management
  • Heat dissipation of components with large power loss

Finished Copper PCB Quality Control

GESP Technology has over a decade of experience in manufacturing and assembling high-performance standard and heavy copper circuit board products that help our customers achieve their productivity and profitability goals. We make it a standard operating procedure for our highly qualified engineers to carry out the design for manufacture on every circuit file and to address all questions and concerns before production. This helps ensure that the finished electronic cards meet your performance expectations. Our competent employees include in-house quality control – we guarantee the quality of our circuit boards.

(Note: To ensure we can fabricate your thick copper PCB correctly, it is important to take the greater width of traces and spacing between the traces caused by the increased copper weight into consideration.)

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GESP Technology offers a wide range of solutions for the Heavy Copper PCB. We propose to meet your PCB needs and bring you a better compromise between technology and cost. If you have any HDI PCB related technical issues waiting to be resolved, or you are ready to start HDI PCB production, please send us your PCB files and production requirements. We will reply to you within 24 hours.

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