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What is HDI PCB

Due to the miniaturization of electronic products and the development needs of integration, PCBs need to carry more components in a smaller space and better high-frequency transmission capabilities. This also makes high density interconnect (HDI) PCBs one of the fastest-growing technologies in PCBs. Because its circuit density is higher than traditional circuit boards, HDI PCB designs are able to incorporate smaller vias and capture pads, as well as higher connection pad densities. HDI boards contain blind and buried vias, and typically contain microwells with a diameter of 0.006 or even less.

Advantages of HDI PCB

The evolution of high-density PCB technology has given engineers greater design freedom and flexibility than ever before. Designers using HDI high density interconnect methods now can place more components on both sides of the raw PCB if desired. In essence, an HDI PCB gives designers more space to work with, while allowing them to place smaller components even closer together. This means that a high-density interconnect PCB ultimately results in faster signal transmission along with enhanced signal quality.

HDI PCB is widely used to reduce the weight and overall dimensions of products, as well as to enhance the electrical performance of the device. The high-density PCB is regularly found in mobile phones, touch-screen devices, laptop computers, digital cameras, and 4G network communications. The HDI PCB is also prominently featured in medical devices, as well as various electronic aircraft parts and components. The possibilities for high-density interconnect PCB technology seem almost limitless.

Function improved by HDI PCB

1.Denser trace routing
2.More stable power
3.Reduce interference inductance and capacitance effects
4.Improve signal integrity in high-speed design

Accelerate Development with HDI Printed Circuit Boards

1.Easier to place SMD components
2.Faster routing
3.Reduce frequent relocation of components
4.More component space (also by Via-in-Pad)

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