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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

What is PCB Reverse Engineering?


PCB Reverse Engineering, we usually call it PCB Clone or PCB Copy. It is a process to export the production files(Gerber File and BOM List)and designing files(Schematic and PCB file) of a particular printed circuit board by dissecting the electronic circuit and components so that we can help you replicate or improve the function of the board.


PCB reverse engineering is regarded as one of the most complex tasks in engineering science. Because this means restoring all the parameters and files needed for PCB production with little knowledge of a product.


Why Do We Reverse Engineer Circuit Boards? Since it is so difficult and complex, why do we still stick to it?

That’s A Good Question.


We carry out reverse engineering of PCBs for a number of important reasons:


  • Replace obsolete components on the board
  • Reposition certain components
  • Enhance the functionality of the PCB
  • Analyze and reinforce the security requirements

What Do You Need to Reverse Engineer a PCB?

Get Your Tools Ready

It’s going to be a long ride. The tools you need depend on the complexity of the project. If it is only a simple PCB, you can analyze the circuit with standard symbols by pencil and paper for easy understanding.

If the circuit is more complex, hardware and software designing tools are necessary. Like AutoTrace, Pstoedit, Dia, Gimp, and Inkscape.


Cooperate With Us

Because the operation of reverse engineering is very complicated, to quickly obtain the information about model making, you need to find a professional reverse design engineer to help you solve these problems. GESP Technology is a good choice. We have 15 engineers and more than 20 years of reverse engineering design experience. So far, we have successfully solved more than 1350 cases of reverse engineering design and production for our customers.


The reverse design services we support include PCBA Clone, PCB clone, chip decryption, reverse development, program burning, etc. If you have PCB Clone requirements, please email us. You can also contact our sales manager via online customer service, we are happy to serve you.

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